What we're all about

We’re Skinny Direct.

We’re NZ’s online only mobile offer that can give you more.

Everyone knows you get better deals online.

By not paying rent or commissions, we save money so we get you the best deals on data and calling.

Get more. Pay less. Go direct.

Skinny Direct was made to be simple. Sign up online in 3 easy steps.  

1. Choose your Combo

2. Choose if you want to keep your mobile number or get a new one

3. Set up payment details

And you're all set!

Because your payments are recurring every 30 days, you can forget bills, annoying top ups, plus there are no pesky contracts or standard rates.

Should you happen to go crazy on the data and need more, or want to call your Aunt in Australia, then you can with our value-packed Add-Ons.

Sounds awesome, right? Well it is!

We know what you're thinking - how is it different to the other brands out there?

Firstly, you bring your own phone. You probably have one already that you don't want to give up. We want to keep this simple, so here at Skinny Direct, we don’t sell phones.

Secondly,  Skinny Direct is all online. No stores. No commissions. We save money this way, and we pass the savings onto you in the form of great value Combos.

And thirdly - we offer arguably the best prepay data heavy plans in the country! You can choose either 3GB, 6GB or non-stop data and all with unlimited NZ calling & texts. Seriously try to find a better deal than that.

Not a lot, really!

All you really need is a debit or credit card that will get charged automatically every 30 days, and a phone that works on the Spark network.

If you have a phone number that you want to keep, you can bring it over to Skinny Direct, no sweat.

Skinny Direct has been put together by the folks from Skinny Mobile - owned by Spark.

We give you 'no-frills' mobile but at super low prices. We like to have a laugh when we work, and we love winning awards. Our facebook page is filled with love from our customers and we hope you’ll join them.

Skinny Mobile has been around since 2012, doing awesome things with prepay mobile. We use Spark's superfast network, so you know your coverage and connection will be top notch.