We know you might need some extras on top of your monthly Plan. Here’s an overview of these:

You can buy a one-off 1GB Data Add-On anytime for $10 to keep you going if you need a top up. It lasts for 30 days.

(not available to $79 Unlimited Plan customers)

We have great value packs to call or text 23 other countries, or you can use our great standard rates to stay in touch.

Just select the country you wish to call in the pull down menu below.

International Add-Ons

With simple zone-based Add-Ons, calling and texting overseas with Skinny Direct really is easy and won't cost you the earth.

Select one or more of the Add-Ons below for the countries you are calling.

For a list of all our great international rates, click here

You can roam in over 18 countries around the world, including Aussie, UK, China & USA.

Overseas Roaming Add-Ons

Choose the Roaming Add-On that suits you.

Select a country you are travelling to and find out which Add-Ons will suit you.

For a list of all our roaming rates, click here

We have something called 'Extras Credit'. This is what you use to pay for the little things that aren’t included in our awesome plans.. For example, you might want to send a MMS/PXT, or make an international call that doesn't come under any of our International Calling Add-Ons.

If you’re about to run out of Extras Credits you can buy additional credits by using your registered card. There are four options to choose from: $5, $10, $20, and $50.

And don't worry about losing what you've paid for - Extras Credit lasts 365 days.