Got some questions before you sign up?

Skinny Direct is a completely new way of doing mobile.

Skinny Direct is just that. Direct. You can only sign up online. You can’t get this offer in stores. Because we’ve taken out the middle man, we can save money, and we’ve passed these savings on to you in the form of super rich Combos - packed with calling and data!

It’s super simple. We only have three Combos and only 3 easy steps to join us.









Non-stop NZ data (after 22GB usage, data speeds will slow down)

NZ Minutes




NZ Text













 30 days

30 days

30 days


No more top ups. When you sign up with us, you register a credit or debit card. This card will be used when you buy a Combo or an Add-On.Skinny Direct is an online service – it’s all via credit card or debit card. That’s how it works. Our Combos auto-renew at the end of their 30-day period, so you don’t have to remember to do anything to keep your mobile going.

No more standard rates either. If your Combo hasn’t renewed you will only be able to use your phone for inbound calls and texts. No more overspending!


* Skinny Direct data is valid for 30 days. Remaining balance expires and does not rollover.


It's easy. You can only sign up online in 3 easy steps. 


Step One: Pick a Combo - we've got two to choose from.

Step Two: Want a new number or keep your current one?

If you want a new number, then it's super easy, just select the 'I want a Skinny Direct number' button.

If you’d like to keep your number – no problem. Just provide the following info when you sign up:

  • If you are on prepay  – you’ll need your SIM Serial number
  • If you’re on account – you’ll need your Account number 

Step Three: Setting up payment

To sign up for Skinny Direct, you'll need a debit or credit card and agree to have your monthly fee recurring. But don't worry, because there aren't any pesky contracts, you can cancel at any time.

Compatibility: Skinny Direct signup is compatible with most browsers, e.g. Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

At Skinny Direct we try to focus on what we’re good at – delivering a great mobile service. This means we don’t sell mobile phones.

We provide you with the SIM, and you bring your mobile phone. All you need to do is make sure that it is compatible with our network. To do that, you can:

Go to the sign up page – the compatibility check is part of the sign up process

Or, go to the phone compatibility checker here

You can’t. Skinny Direct is prepaid mobile, but without the top up. That's the beauty of it!

When you sign up for Skinny Direct you register your credit or debit card with us and set up a 4-digit security code to protect it. This will allow you to buy Combos and Add-Ons by using your card, without having to top up.

Activating the SIM and your Skinny Direct Account

I’m new to Skinny. How do I activate my SIM and my account?

From your mobile:

  1. Insert your Skinny Direct SIM into your mobile phone
  2. Call 240 to activate, OR open your mobile web browser to connect to the internet (make sure your Wi-Fi is off first). All done.

From a data device (like a 4G tablet or dongle):

  1. Insert your Skinny Direct SIM into your data device
  2. Open your web browser to connect to the internet (make sure your Wi-Fi is off first). All done.

I’m a Skinny Mobile customer who switched to Skinny Direct.

You don’t need to activate your SIM. Once you complete the switching process we’ll convert your SIM to Skinny Direct and activate it for you.

Yes, you sure can! Keeping your number is easy. When you go through our 3-step sign up process, simply:

  • Choose to keep your current number and select your current provider from the list of providers
  • Enter your current SIM Serial (if you’re on prepay) or Account Number (if you’re on account)

We will send you a new Skinny Direct SIM with a temporary number. Activate this new SIM by inserting it into your mobile and calling 240.

Once you’ve activated the SIM, we will kick off the number transfer process for you which usually takes up to three hours. Once your old number has transferred across to Skinny Direct, we’ll send you a confirmation text, and you’re good to go!

Terms & Conditions for Skinny Direct Number Porting

You can sign up with Skinny Direct by downloading the Skinny Direct App or by going to www.skinnydirect.co.nz. During the sign up process you’ll need to:

  • Choose to keep your current number and select Skinny from the list of providers
  • Read and accept the Switching Terms and Conditions
  • We’ll text you a verification code. Please enter it when asked.

Keep in mind that once you’ve switched to Skinny Direct you’ll have lost any remaining minutes, text, data or credit on your Skinny Mobile account. We don’t transfer them over as you can’t use them on Skinny Direct.

Once you’ve completed the sign up process we’ll automatically convert your Skinny Mobile SIM into Skinny Direct. This should typically take less than a minute after sign up. That’s it, you’re now a Skinny Direct customer. 

Terms & Conditions for Switching from Skinny Mobile to Skinny Direct.

The 'Extras Credit' is what you use to pay for the little things that aren’t included in our awesome Combos. For example, you might want to send a PXT, or make an international call that doesn't come under any of our International Calling Add-Ons.

If you’re about to run out of Extras Credit you can buy additional credit by using your registered card. There are four options to choose from: $5, $10, $20, and $50.

And don't worry about losing what you've paid for - Extras Credit lasts 365 days.

When you use the Extras Credit, you will be charged the following rates:




What does non-stop data mean? 

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